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Travis Roy Ice Arena Expansion: Q 97.9

Digital rendering of the new Travis Roy Ice Arena

The following is a story from Q 97.9 about the expansion of the Travis Roy Ice Arena posted on July 28, 2022 by Lori Voornas

It will be a year in the making and add 4,000 square feet to the Travis Roy Ice Arena at North Yarmouth Academy in Yarmouth.

According to MaineBiz, the expansion will add a fitness and wellness center. Plus, will be the new home for the Edgar F. White Class of 1938 Athletic Hall of Fame. Hebert Construction out of Lewiston will be doing the work. Tim Hebert, one of the owners, also has a student at North Yarmouth Academy.

North Yarmouth Academy
North Yarmouth Academy

The project is funded by private donations including their largest donation ever of $4 million by trustee Frederique Daniel and Dr. Jarrod Daniel who are NYA parents. The project should take about one year and be ready by the summer of 2023. Because ice time is important, the construction will be done in phases so that ice time is available.

Did You Know…

I had no idea that North Yarmouth Academy has been around since 1814 before Maine was a state. Yarmouth wasn’t Yarmouth, it was North Yarmouth because it was part of Massachusetts, which already had a Yarmouth on Cape Cod.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The Legend of Travis Roy

Travis Roy, who was in the class of 1994, played hockey at NYA and then went on to play at Boston University, where he suffered a spinal cord injury in his very first game. He passed away last October 2021. He died at the age of 45, from complications of being a quadriplegic for 25 years. He made the most of those 25 years touching thousands of people with his generosity, his humor, and his determination to not let his injury stop him. He helped with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation looking for help with spinal cord injuries.

This will be spectacular when it’s finished and a fantastic addition to a tribute of a legend in Maine.