Our History

Over 80 years, Hebert Construction has become an industry leader in the planning and execution of collaborative, sustainable, and community-forward construction projects. We credit our team and undying commitment to quality, safety, and community for getting us here.

Where it all started (1943‑1969)

In 1943, Ed Hebert started his independent residential carpentry company in Lewiston, Maine, with sons, Dick and Dan, eventually joining in 1954 and 1969, respectively. The company became Ed Hebert & Sons.

Ed Hebert

A shift of focus (1985‑1989)

By 1985, Mike Hebert, Dick’s son, had graduated from Northeastern University and decided to join the family business as Field Superintendent. With the addition of Mike, the company would begin its shift from residential to commercial construction projects in 1989.

Mike Hebert

New beginnings (2000‑2015)

After nearly 45 years in the business, Dick Hebert decided it was time to hang up the hard hat. He retired in 1999, leaving the business to be carried on by his brother Dan and the third generation. In 2000, it was decided Ed Hebert & Sons would become Hebert Construction. By 2015, Dan Hebert would also retire after dedicating 46 years to the family company.

Dick Hebert and Dan Hebert

A journey of growth

Owned by Tim and Mike Hebert (third generation) and led by Simon Hebert (fourth generation), Hebert Construction swiftly rose to prominence as one of Maine’s top commercial construction firms. Each generation brought fresh perspectives, keeping the company at the forefront of the industry. Sadly, in early September of 2023, we mourned the loss of our respected co-owner, brother, and father, Mike Hebert. His unwavering dedication and vision shaped our journey, and we are committed to upholding his legacy.

Tim Hebert, Simon Hebert, and Mike Hebert

Into the future

As we forge ahead, our dedication to excellence remains unwavering. We will continue to deliver uncompromised value to the communities we serve and the projects we complete, both in honor of our past and for the benefit of future generations. With Tim and Simon’s leadership, we are excited to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, ensuring that Hebert Construction remains a symbol of quality and innovation.

Simon Hebert and Tim Hebert

80 years of industry-leading standards
Our guiding principles

Our Mission

To build uncompromised value into the communities we live in and the projects we work on.

Our Vision

To be an industry leader in the planning and execution of collaborative, sustainable, and community-forward construction projects.

Our Values

From concept to close-out, we foster customer confidence in our process by following our guiding principles of quality, safety, and community.

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