Norway Savings Bank

Auburn, ME

Norway Savings Bank

  • Architect:
    Platz Associates
  • Construction Manager:
    Jenn Hale
  • Contract Type:
    Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • Status:
    Completed, 2013
  • Contract Type:
  • Cost of Construction:
    <$1 million (a little over $900K)
  • Size:
    5,000 SF

Renovation to an old masonry structured building to create a modern open concept banking facility. Full height glass walls provide private offices to meet with clients while maintaining an open environment. Round soffits at the ceiling bring character to the reception area while maximizing ceiling height. The original steel and glass vault doors remain, with the vaults converted into copy and safety deposit rooms.

For more information, contact:
Simon Hebert, Project Manager
T: 207-783-2091

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