Oak Park Senior Housing

Lewiston, ME
  • Architect
    Gotuti-Thomas Architects
  • Project Manager
    Michael Hebert
  • Contract Type
    Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • Status
    Completed - 2014
  • Reference Contact

The renovation of the Oak Park Senior Housing building included extensive structural repair and interior renovations to both, common areas and 91 tenant units all while the building remained fully occupied. The structural repairs were implemented through the construction of shear walls at four different locations throughout the building as well as installing steel column wraps around numerous wood columns throughout the building. Construction within the tenant occupied spaces was done through the use of phasing which minimized the impact of construction on the tenant. It was critical that at the end of each working day, the task was completed and the tenant had an operational apartment. The project stayed true to the contract schedule and came in under budget.

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