Piper Shores

Scarborough, ME
  • Architect
    Gawron Turgeon Architects
  • Project Managers
    Steve Janosco & Timothy Hebert
  • Contract Type
    AIA Fixed Sum
  • Status
    Completed - 2013
  • Cost of Construction
    $6.4 M
  • Reference Contact

Problem: Hebert Construction was brought in late in the design process after other attempts to validate the project were unsuccessful. Hebert was given the opportunity to review the plans and make recommendations on constructability and phasing to produce a timeline and estimate that would fit within the owner’s budget.

Solution: Worked closely with Piper Shores and Gawron Turgeon Architects to develop a working phasing plan. This allowed the risky work of creating new space and renovating existing areas around the aging population to flow smoothly with the least disruption possible. Hebert provided continuity to the facility both by creating the new space as if it were part of the original all while working around what residents call home.

Challenges: Created a new state-of-the-art Gunite ADA pool, fitness center & salon. Filled in the existing pool and constructed another addition to expand formal dining and create a unique theater and senior entertainment center. Furthermore, Hebert renovated the Holbrook healthcare floor; upgrading patient room accessibility, dining, spas, kitchen, and finishes throughout. All renovated work was performed in multiple phases to maintain services and minimize the impact on residents.

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